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September 27, 2016
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September 27, 2016
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Rally Chrome Throttle


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Domino takes great pride in the development and production of its motorcycle throttle controls. So much so that Domino is the OEM (stock) throttle system on more European motorcycles than any other brand! No corners are cut in material or procedure. No parts are outsourced. When you see the product – when you feel the product – when you use the product – you will understand and appreciate that behind every throttle stands the proud Italian craftsmen of Domino/Tommaselli SPA.

Please take some time to contemplate the differences of the many throttle controls. You will notice the following facts:

  • Quickness: This is the degrees of throttle rotation required to move the cable 1mm distance. The lower the number of degrees required means the quicker throttle.
  • Stroke: This the maximum distance of cable movement each throttle is capable.
  • Cable: Confirms if throttle control is for one or two cable system.
  • Misc: Color of throttle (if other than black), if grips are included, and if so, what grip color/style.
Quickness Stroke Cable Misc
2.9⁰ / mm 25 mm One cable Options with or without natural rubber grips

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