Domino Headquarters


Domino S.p.A. is the worldwide leader in the design and production of motorcycle controls. A quick glance at almost any European motorcycle will likely show at least one or more of our products including grips, brake and clutch levers, lever assemblies, throttle controls, electric switches and handlebars. Domino products, being the result of the most advanced field research, are suitable for any kind of motorcycle, moped, scooter and agricultural machine. Our family-owned business takes tremendous pride in offering the finest products possible.

Established in 1951, Domino has experience seven decades of history resulting in an unmatched level of technological expertise. Domino executes strict application of the certified company quality system UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, combined with a well-trained group of craftsmen, prove Domino S.p.A. a guarantee of solidity and reliability for the most prestigious motorcycle manufacturers.

Domino & Tommaselli – The leaders of motorcycle controls!

Since its inception in 1930, the Tommaselli brand has been synonymous with reliability and safety in the two-wheel components field. Now, over 80 years later, the Tommaselli and Domino brands have formed a strategic cooperation, working as one, to dominate the market of high-end controls.

Both Domino and Tommaselli are located in the picturesque countryside of Sirtori, District of Lecco, Northern Italy.

Domino S.P.A.
Via delle Industrie n⁰16/18
C.A.P. 23896 Sirtori (Lc)
+39 039 9211286

Tommaselli S.R.L.
Via Lecco n⁰2
C.A.P. 23896 Sirtori (Lc)
+39 039 9211414

Official Importer for North America
G2 Ergonomics Corp.
1008 E. Commercial St.
Lyndon, IL 61261


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