Whether dragging knees at Monsa, or cruising at bike night, Domino products will never disappoint! Decades of development have resulted in superior products like grips, throttle controls and handlebars – to name a few! NEVER take your controls for granted! Demand the best. Demand Domino.


Off-road racing demands ultimate control! Trust in your grip allows the rider to relax the hand and prevent arm pump. Knowing the precise feel of your throttle control assures each tiny hand movement commands the power exact to your intention. Domino is second to none in the art of motorcycle controls. This is why most European motorcycle manufactures choose Domino as original equipment.



Domino has the perfect controls to complete your vintage restoration or custom project. With decades of history, it is likely Domino was making parts before your bike was born! The advantage to you is the perfect vintage/custom/unique look, but with present day advanced materials and compounds. Always consider Domino for your grip, throttle control and handlebar needs.